Safety First! The Dangers of DIY Electrical Works

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For many homeowners, DIY projects can be tempting for a number of reasons. Making home improvements on your own is a great way to enhance the value of your home and save money at the same time. And, the hands-on approach gives the homeowners a sense of fulfillment and newfound confidence of accomplishing a particular project using their very own creativity and skills.

While taking the DIY approach makes a lot of sense to some home projects, you should not try taking on everything by yourself where electrical work is concerned. Unlike many traditional DIY projects, there are more serious risks involved should an electrical project go wrong. Below are some of the dangers associated with DIY electrical works:

  • Lack of Knowledge and Skills

You may think that replacing an outlet is easy, only to find out that you’ve connected the wrong wires. More often than not, electrical projects are more complex than it seems and some problems you could run into may not be so apparent. Trial and error could lead to more harm and more significant problems later on. Working with a skilled electrician means you’ll have someone who knows the ins and outs of electricity and ensure safe and efficient workmanship.

  • Risk of Electrocution and Even Death

One of the serious dangers of DIY electrical works is the fact that electricity is volatile and dangerous. Even a simple mistake could very well expose you to risks of coming into contact with electricity which can lead to electric shocks and death. When you hire a qualified electrician, they have the right electrical tools and training regarding a specific set of electrical safety guidelines to ensure their safety and the safety of your home.

  • Risk of Electrical Fire

The National Fire Protection reported that electrical fires are the third leading cause of home fires in the United States. Incorrect wiring installation and mishandling of electricity can quickly lead to an electrical fire. This is a serious danger which you can avoid when you hire a pro to complete any electrical projects in your home.

  • Code Violations and Building Permit

Electricity is a serious hazard such that there are certain safety codes and local requirements that must be followed. A licensed electrician knows all the safety codes and in most cases, the only eligible ones to apply for the permits needed for electrical safety.

  • Long-Term Electrical Problem

Many electrical project DIYers are faced with long term electrical issues as a result of incorrect wiring connection or accidentally removing wiring from something else unknowingly. A licensed electrician can identify and troubleshoot problems early on to prevent the issues that may arise later on.

  • Costly Repairs

Without proper knowledge and experience in handling electrical jobs, you may end up messing your electrical system afterward. This means you will have to pay more for an electrician to do the necessary repairs, and this is on top of the time and money you have already spent trying to do the project by yourself.

  • Insurance Will Not Cover DIY Electrical Works

Generally, insurance systems will not cover you if the electrical work in your home does not meet safety codes and are not done by a certified electrician.

DIY electrical works can be dangerous simply because electricity carry a great risk for life-threatening injuries when not handled properly. The bottom line is, you should never compromise your own safety as well as your family and home’s safety.

DIY electrical projects are not worth it most of the time. For your family and home safety, all electrical works should be done only by a licensed and qualified electrician. It’s not that easy to start an electrical repair business that’s why the pricing might seem high to some, but it’s well worth it to hire a professional than DIY if you have any doubts.

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